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Photo by: Rick Lakin
Back Row (l-r): Z-M-O Mace Laboratories Bottle & Box (prior to 1965), Zaegel's Essence Pills Box & Bottle, M. R. Zaegel & Co. Z-M-O Oil Box & Bottle (1930's).
Front Row (center): Zaegel's Essence Pills (sample tin, 1930's).
Front Row Bottles: Z-M-O Oil in Eight and Four Ounce Bottles available today.

 What is Z-M-O® Oil?

Z-M-O® Oil is a first aid healing oil which relieves body aches and pains, and helps stop bleeding from many kinds of injuries. Z-M-O® gives relief to those suffering from bed sores.

Z-M-O® Oil has been produced and distributed since the mid to late 1800's. Our trademark logo was first registered in 1899. The early users were pioneer settlers headed West at that time. 

Today people from all across the country, who have used Z-M-O® in their families for generations, still purchase Z-M-O® Oil mail order. 

To learn more about Z-M-O® Oil read our History page or read the Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs].

You can also read customer Testimonials.

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